The Giant Dynamite "She dares to dream beyond the township" - Karabo Nyalungu

January 12, 2018, published by Selokela Molamodi | 137

The Giant Dynamite "She dares to dream beyond the township" - Karabo Nyalungu

This young leader is proof that the township has real and raw leadership and potential. Karabo Nyalungu is a powerful public speaker, trailblazer and social entrepreneur. "She dares to dream beyond the township', she says. Nyalungu is deeply passionate about township and youth development as she feels that people from the township are not placed on the same level as those from the suburbs. "I come from the township and a public school; already those two have stigma attached to them', she points out. For her, it has always been about proving townships can also bring positivity to the table.

Karabo founded a project called Ngwala Pono (Write a vision) wherein she implores the youth to write down their visions. She shared the real reason she started was after a personal experience of not having a pen right before an exam! She believes in leaving a legacy so she started another organization called Young Driven and Outspoken at her school where she teaches pupils how to be public speakers. She hopes the program develop and grow even after she leaves.

The young powerhouse believes that people ought to take the initiative to engage in self-education. Furthermore,she believes that ' we have to be conscious. Not just as black people but as a people'. Asked what she would like to say to the youth, she said;"you choose what you allow yourself to be exposed to".


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