Is WhatsApp In Trouble?

January 19, 2016, published by Admin | 83

Apparently South African network giants, MTN and Vodacom have called upon the goverment to regulate WhatsApp Messenger since their profits drops almost every seconds of the day, they basically call it unfair competition. As we all know, when competition is tough, there is bound to be challenges to cope with but WhatsApp has made it super tough for the south african network giants to keep up with their sales because no one is using their sms any longer which also means no one is buying from them.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cool application that allows people to exchange messages at 0 cost. It is a cross platform app which can be accessed with a mobile, ipad,  desktops and laptop devices.

But its also a strange call because in order to use WhatsApp, you've got to have data bundles or internet. In order to get internet in your phone you need a sim card provided by network service providers such as MTN and Vodacom. So with that said, we do buy from them, and we buy a lot with huge money, I would say WhatsApp is doing them a favor because those sms'es are expensive and allowing them to sell their data bundles more than anything else.